We’re upgrading StartupJobs’ visual identity


StartupJobs has grown. And hundreds of startups along with us. They’re conquering the world with their products. They’ve changed the daily lives of thousands of people in the Czech Republic. We’ve grown, too. Therefore, we’ve decided to change our visual identity. In order to symbolize what is the norm for us and startups: never ending upgrades.

StartupJobs joined forces with Studio Najbrt and our new identity was born. One that will upgrade us and our companies.

Foundations of our new visual identity

About our new visual identity with Aleš Najbrt

Why did we decide to upgrade our visuals?

CEO StartupJobs

"The visual change is an ideal opportunity for us to adapt StartupJobs to expectations and needs of today's market, that is, like us, constantly evolving. We view the new StartupJobs identity as modern, technological and innovative - just like our clients and people who are looking for work with us. We’re honored to have been able to work with the best in the industry - Studio Najbrt - and we believe that thanks to it we’ll be able to upgrade the entire communication of the brand forward."

founder of StartupJobs

How was our new identity created?

Do you like how we’ve upgraded?

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