Upgrade your startup thanks to our Startup program!

Additional visibility within job listings, free consultations or copywriting and more advantageous advertising on StartupJobs. Introducing a new Startup program for startup companies!

Why are startups favored?

StartupJobs is growing and opening up not only to startups, but also to other innovative companies that want to constantly upgrade and help their people level up. However, startups often don’t just take small steps forward, but leaps and bounds. They have to look for product-market fit, respond quickly to demand, use the latest technologies, look for suitable financing, learn on the fly, and, to top it all off, recruit the right people for the team.

Since startups have to move forward the most in the beginning compared to other companies, we’re introducing an advantageous Startup program just for them.

How will the Startup program upgrade your startup?

Thanks to our Startup program, you get a whole range of benefits for more effective advertising and promotion. For example:
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    Cheaper program StartupJobs Gold

    Thanks to which you will, for instance, have access to extended job offer statistics, feedback on your job offers from candidates or priority profile sorting. As part of the Startup program, Gold will cost you:

    • $1,499 instead of the original $2,499 when paying annually,
    • $149 instead of the original $249 when paying monthly.
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    Voucher for $249 for your first advertisement
    Thanks to these credits you’ll smoothly start your recruiting process and you’ll find new team members in no time.
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    Visibility on the list of startups and offers
    Thanks to visual differentiation from other job offers, startup listings will be more attractive and easily recognizable to candidates.
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    Free copywriting for your ad
    For your first displayed job offer we’ll create a captivating, relevant and original text, which you can further use as a template for your future offers.
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    Free consultation
    We’ll go over your questions individually to make sure you get the most out of advertising on StartupJobs.
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    Filtering by startups
    Candidates looking for a job primarily in a startup, will easily find your offers or profile.
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    Package of 600 credits for $500
    Get several new colleagues to join your team immediately! The 600 credit package will for example cover 2 Extra30 offers.

How to enter the Startup program?

The startup program is available for all companies that meet the following requirements:
  1. Rapid growth
    You’re growing more than 25% YoY on key metrics. Whether it's revenue, the number of users or another metric that is essential for your company.
    Searching for product-market fit
    You’re in the early stages of establishing a company that’s looking for its place on the market and is trying to validate its ideas and business model.
  2. Company culture of upgrading
    Your company has entered the market with courage and new solutions, it wants to upgrade quickly. It has global ambitions.
  3. Age of the company
    The company was founded less than ten years ago.

Join the Startup Program

To evaluate whether your company meets the conditions of the Startup program, which brings a whole range of benefits, we kindly ask you to fill out the initial questionnaire. The questionnaire will only take a few minutes and can move you towards more advantageous advertising.

Questions about the Startup program?

We’re here for you!

support@startupjobs.com+420 725 568 866