Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions of StartupJobs.com LLC, Company ID 29153786, Tax ID CZ29153786 with its registered office at Šostakovičovo náměstí 1515/5, 155 00 Praha 5 - Stodůlky, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 204709 govern access and use of the website
  1. General Provisions
    1. These terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of the Provider and those using
      , as well as other related legal relationships. StartupJobs.com serves to advertise job offers or personal profiles related to startup jobs.
    2. When registering to or otherwise using www.startupjobs.cz, the user is required to become familiar with the current version of the terms and conditions and is bound to comply with the obligations arising therefrom. If a User registers to StartupJobs.com as a representative of a legal entity, they are obliged to do so only if they are authorized to represent this legal entity.
  2. Definition of terms

    The terms used in these terms and conditions with a capital initial letter have the following meanings:

    Pricelist is the current price list located at the address
    Credit is a virtual payment means, which can be used for payment for Provider's services. It is based on the current exchange rate that is listed on

    Offer represents a Customer’s job or service offer published on StartupJobs.com;

    Terms and Conditions refers these to terms and conditions;

    Provider is StartupJobs.com LLC, Company ID 29153786, Tax ID CZ29153786 with its registered office at Šostakovičovo náměstí 1515/5, 155 00 Praha 5 - Stodůlky, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 204709;

    StartupJobs.com refers to a website located at

    User refers to any person or Customer who visits StartupJobs.com; including he Customer; and

    Customer refers to a natural or legal person who creates a profile of their company on StartupJobs.com.

  3. Customer Service Overview
    1. The Provider provides the following services:

      • Publishing of Offers at StartupJobs.com - providing space for the customer's Offers at StartupJobs.com. This publication is valid for 30 days, after this time it is possible to extend the validity.
      • HotJobs highlighting - providing additional promotional options for the listed Offers compared to regular Offers.
      • Additional services - for example, Facebook campaign, newsletter, PPC promo or copywriting to advertise a listed job offer. The exact content of the promotion is listed in the Pricelist.
      • Other - Individually provided services subject to an agreement with the Customer.
    2. Regarding Offers, it is possible to choose an automatic extension that occurs after the Offer expires. Notice of automatic renewal of the Offer is sent to the email address that the customer specifies as a contact address. Automatic extension of Offer can be changed to a manual extension at any time.
  4. Creating an Offer and conclusion of contract
    1. By entering an Offer by the Customer, an order is created, which represents a proposal for the conclusion of a contract with the Provider. This proposal is subject to approval by Provider.
    2. Provider reserves the right to modify or delete entered Offers or any other content at its own discretion. Modifications made by the Provider may include, in particular, deleting links and contact details in Offers and modification of categories and types of employment stated in Offers so that the categories and types of employment correspond best to the Offers. The approval of an Offer usually takes place by the next business day.
    3. The following rules apply to the content of the Customer's Offer:

      • It is forbidden to use capital letters in the title;
      • The title and text must be gender-neutral, racially neutral, and inclusive to comply with the requirements of anti-discrimination laws and good morals;
      • Source code edits are forbidden - any layout and appearance modifications of Offers need to be approved and executed by the Provider;
      • Offers must not include external links and contact details;
      • During the validity period of the Offer it is possible to modify its text but it is not possible to change the listed position of the Offer (e.g. from PHP programmer to HR employee).
    4. Acceptance of the Customer's proposal, and thereby the establishment of a contractual relationship with the Provider, the offer is approved by accepting the specified Offer by the Provider. Once approved, the Offer is published in the manner and scope that the Customer specified during its submission and as detailed further at
  5. Terms of payment
    1. All prices are based on the current Price list.
    2. The Customer is entitled to cancel any order within 24 hours after the order was placed.
    3. An invoice with a maturity of 14 days is issued for each order. In case the payment is immediately made by card, the invoice is issued without a due date.
    4. The Provider accepts these payment terms:

      • payment by bank transfer; and
      • payment by a payment card via an online payment gateway.
    5. The Customers have also the option to prepay services by buying Credits, which can then be used based on their current needs. Credits are divided into paid and bonus. Paid Credits are valid for a year after purchase and purchased Credits cannot be converted back into cash. Bonus Credits are non-claimable and are charged to the Customer in an amount at the discretion of the Provider. Bonus Credits are valid for a maximum of six months after uploading and cannot be converted back into cash.
    6. All issues of our Customers are assessed and handled on an individual basis. The Provider may, at its discretion, refund Credits to the customer or credit them with an amount it deems appropriate.
    7. The Customer agrees to the use of any invoices in electronic form. An invoice in electronic form can be delivered by the Provider to the e-mail address defined by the Customer for this purpose, to the e-mail address mentioned in the user's profile of the Customer and in case this is not possible, even to other e-mail addresses used by the Customer.
  6. Database of job seekers

    The Provider keeps records of users looking for work in a database. In terms of maintaining the database of job seekers, the Provider complies with the provisions of relevant legislation, in particular with the regulations on personal data protection.

    When creating a profile, the user is required to provide true and up-to-date information. The Provider is entitled to publish entered data in relation to potential employers through the Internet.

  7. Using the StartupJobs.com portal
    1. The User agrees to use remote means of communication when entering into a contract with the Provider. Access and use of StartupJobs.com is free of charge. However, the User bears the costs incurred in connection with the access and the use of StartupJobs.com (i.e. the cost of Internet connection, etc.).
    2. Registration and creation of a profile of a Customer or other User is subject to the Provider's approval. The Provider reserves the right to refuse registration and creation of a profile without giving any reason. In addition, the Provider is eligible to remove a user's account already created in the event of a breach of the obligations under these Terms and conditions by the user.
    3. The customer is allowed to enter Offers only after registering at StartupJobs.com. When registering and publishing Offers, the Customer is required to provide true and up-to-date information.
    4. Users are allowed to respond to published Offers without the need to register. In case of interest, the User is allowed to register and publish their own candidate profile.
    5. Based on registration, the user's account is created, which is secured with a name and password. Users are required to maintain confidentiality with regard to access data and to prevent the use of a user account by third parties who are not authorized to use it as a representative of the User who is a legal entity. The User's account created by the registration can be removed at any time.
    6. The Customer is not allowed to publish any information or data on the website StartupJobs.com that contradicts the generally binding legal regulations in force in the Czech Republic or in other countries where the service is available. This includes content that, when made public:
      • Infringes upon copyright or related rights of third parties.
      • Violates the rights protecting the personal integrity of third parties.
      • Contravenes legal norms aimed at protecting against hatred towards any nation, ethnic group, race, religion, class, or other group of individuals, or restricting the rights and freedoms of its members.
    7. The Provider is not a party to any contractual relationship between any User and Customer, nor does it enter into any contractual relationships between Users or Customers. The Provider is not liable for any unlawful actions by the Customer and bears no responsibility for any files uploaded by Users.
    8. The Customer acknowledges that the Provider rents space to Customers on StartupJobs.com for the publication of Offers and, in accordance with § 5 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on certain services of the information society and on the amendment of certain laws (Act on certain services of the information society), as amended, the Provider is not liable for the content of information stored by the Customer or for any potential harmfulness of the content or appearance of content published by Customers on StartupJobs.com. The Provider is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, truthfulness of the content published on StartupJobs.com, nor for any unfair competition practices by the Customer through StartupJobs.com or for any violation of personal or copyright rights.
    9. The Provider is entitled (but not obliged) to conduct preventive control of information stored or distributed by the Customer within the service. In the event that the content of such information could violate the Terms, generally binding legal regulations, or good morals, the Provider is authorized to delete such information or prevent its distribution.
    10. In the event that any third party asserts rights against the Provider in connection with the activities of the Customer on the StartupJobs.com website, the Customer undertakes to promptly provide the Provider with all necessary documents and materials to successfully defend against such claims. If such third party claims that its rights, especially copyright-related rights, have been violated by storing or disseminating information stored or disseminated by the Customer within the service, or that unfair competition has taken place, the Customer undertakes to reimburse the Provider for all reasonably incurred costs arising from such dispute with the third party.
    11. The Provider does not guarantee uninterrupted access to StartupJobs.com, including the user account, nor the safety of StartupJobs.com. The Provider is not liable for any damages incurred to the user or the customer during the access and use of StartupJobs.com, including any damage resulting from downloading of the data published on StartupJobs.com, damages caused by interruption of operation, failures of StartupJobs.com, computer viruses as well damages caused by data loss, loss of profit, unauthorized access to transfers and data of the users.
    12. By clicking on some links on the StartupJobs.com portal, you may be redirected out of the StartupJobs.com portal and to third-party websites.
    13. The Provider reserves the right to limit or terminate Customer or User access to the StartupJobs.com portal at any time.
    14. Users individually or in connection with the third parties, have rights to offer or promote StartupJobs.cz services or other Provider's products only with previous written consent from the Provider.
  8. Processing of personal data and cookies
    1. Privacy and cookies are governed by the privacy policy that is stated at
      and the rules of the use of cookies, which are listed at
      . These documents represent an integral part of these Terms and conditions.
    2. In cases where the Provider processes personal data (as a processor) for the Customer (as an administrator), the Customer authorizes StartupJobs to process the personal data of the Users who responded to the customer's Offer. Such processing is done in order to process reaction to the Offer and maintain a list of Users who expressed their interest in the advertised Offer.
    3. The Provider is authorized to process personal data for the Customer for a period no longer than the duration of their contractual relationship, in particular through the functions of StartupJobs.com, including the Customer profile.
    4. Furthermore, the Provider as a processor is also required:
      • in cases not governed by these Terms and conditions, to handle personal data according to the Customer's written instructions and applicable legal regulations; beyond these instructions, the Provider is entitled to process personal data only if the processing is permitted by the relevant legislation;
      • to maintain confidentiality regarding the personal data, and all related facts obtained during its processing, even after the termination of the contractual relationship with the Customer under these conditions;
      • to bear responsibility for workers involved in the personal data, who will be subject to confidentiality agreement on the personal data they learn during its processing, even after their collaboration with the Provider was terminated;
      • to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure adequate security of all personal data processed, taking into account the state of the technology, in particular, the nature of the scope and purpose of the processing it carries out;
      • to provide the Customer with synergy in fulfilling the information obligation in relation to the affected users whose personal data are being processed and in the exercise of the rights of these Users related to the processing of personal data;
      • to provide mutual assistance in order to ensure safety of the personal data processed, including reporting and reporting of potential security breaches; and
      • to provide the Customer with all the information necessary to demonstrate that the personal data processing obligations under these conditions have been met; if necessary, the Provider is required to allow audits or inspections performed by the Customer or its appointed auditor and to fully cooperate with these audits.
    5. The Customer grants the Provider a general consent to the involvement of other processors in the processing of personal data that StartupJobs performs for the Customer. The Provider is required to inform the Customer of all intended changes regarding the involvement of other processors and allow the customer to make a statement of objection to the change. StartupJobs is required to oblige other processors to comply with the obligations contained in these Terms. If another processor fails to fulfill its obligation regarding personal data processing, the Provider shall be responsible for performance of the processor's obligations.
    6. Upon completion of processing of personal data for the Customer, the Provider is required, in accordance with the Customer's instructions, to transfer personal data to the Customer or to liquidate the personal data, including all copies thereof; this does not apply if the Provider is legally authorized to continue processing your personal data.
    7. In the case where a processing agreement is entered into between the Customer and the Provider, this agreement shall take precedence over the provision of these Terms and conditions.
  9. Final Provisions
    1. The Provider may modify or supplement these terms and conditions. All changes to these terms and conditions will always be announced on the StartupJobs.com website. Relevant wording of the Terms and conditions becomes effective at the moment of its publishing on StartupJobs.com. Amendments to the Terms and conditions are without prejudice to the rights and obligations arising during the period of validity of the previous version of the Terms and conditions.
    2. In the event that the relationship related to the use of the website or the contractual relationship concluded between the User and the Provider contains an international (cross-border) element, this relationship shall be governed by Czech law. To resolve any dispute arising in connection with the relationship referred to in the preceding sentence, the relevant General Court is in the Czech Republic.
    3. In the event that a dispute arises between the Provider and the User who is a consumer and this dispute cannot be settled by mutual agreement, the dispute may be subject to an out-of-court settlement by a designated entity such as the Czech Trade Inspection. Further information, especially on how to make a proposal for an out-of-court dispute settlement, can be found on the website www.coi.cz, you can also contact the designated entity at the e-mail address adr@coi.cz.
    4. If any provision of the terms is invalid, ineffective or becomes invalid, the invalid provision will be replaced by a provision, whose meaning is closest to the invalid clause. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of one provision is without prejudice to the validity of the other provisions.
    5. The Provider can be contacted via the contacts listed on
    6. These terms and conditions become effective on the day of August 1, 2023.