We're upgrading advertising on StartupJobs.

Whether you're looking for a few colleagues a year or you're growing at lightspeed and need hundreds of new people, StartupJobs will help you find candidates who want to keep leveling up.

Take advantage of StartupJob's services and upgrade your recruitment. You'll find all of our advertising and promotion options here. Which one will you choose?

Advantageous monthly rates

Tariffs are on a monthly or annual subscription and they come in 3 tiers - Free, Basic a Extra.

Thanks to tariffs Basic and Extra you don't have to worry about about how many offers you already have on StartupJobs and how many you can buy. You can easily post all the job offers you currently need filled. For as long as you want. And without additional payments!
Cost per month*
EXTRA tariff
BASIC tariff
FREE tariff
Company profile
Unlimited number of basic offers
Startup Market included (in Start mode)
Unlimited number of Extra30 offers
StartupJobs Gold included

*When paying for a year.

Other individual promotion products (PPC, TOP3 positions, Boost offer, etc.) are possible, can be ordered separately in administration.

One-off advertising

Do you need a few new people a year or do you want to set up each offer separately? Using Free tariff you can order one-off advertising based on the current price list. The listed prices are valid for one offer

Price for 30 days
Offer overview
Talent access
Only with HotJobs
HotJobs activated
30 days
30 days
30 days
14 days
Online propagation
Extra newsletter
Boosted offers
After 7 days
After 15 days
After 15 days
$300 for PPC promo
TOP3 position
7 days

Accelerate your recruitment thanks to advanced promotion

Do you want to attract more attention to your job offers? Choose one of the following services and upgrade your ads!

HotJobs is the foundation

HotJobs offers appear 2-3x more often on average than basic package job offers.

HotJobs offers have access to our talent database where you can actively reach relevant users who are open to new job opportunities.

The price of HotJobs is $149 / 14 days, or $239 / 30 days, per job offer.

PPC campaign

Thanks to our experience and know-how of advertising campaigns on social networks and Google we'll attract more relevant applicants using a PPC campaign.

We use very specialized targeting, thanks to which we're able to reach high quality candidates in your desired location, even those who normally don't use work portals.

The minimum PPC campaign budget is $200. With a PPC campaign you'll attract approximately 3x as many candidates.

Guaranteed number of viewings

Do you want to make sure that your offer will be seen by a sufficient number of candidates? With guaranteed number of viewings we'll get at least as many people as you ask us to with the help of CPC campaign.

If the campaign's performance doesn't attract a sufficient amount of viewings, we'll provide the guaranteed number of viewings at our expense.

The minimum CPC campaign budget is $200.


Always stay visible! With TOP 3 you'll pin your ad among the first 3 offers in selected categories. We'll also highlight your offer in the selected category with the tag "TOP".

A week of TOP3 offer for one category will cost you $349.


How to prevent your offer from disappearing among the ads of your competitors? Use the Boost service and put your offer at the beginning of the list in relevant categories to make sure no candidate misses you!

Boosting your offer once will cost you $69.

StartupJobs Gold

Upgrade your recruitment with our premium StartupJobs Gold program! Thanks to it you'll get extended statistics for your offers, promotion of your company on StartupJobs home page, and feedback from candidates about your ad, priority sorting of your company profile and hidden offers of your competition.

StartupJobs Gold can for purchased from $208/month (annual payment) and earn a 15 % discount on promotion.



Appeal to candidates with an attractive ad! Whether you want to completely rewrite your offer or you just want to fine-tune your ad, our experienced copywriter will be happy to help you and create a tailor-made text for you.

The price of writing one offer is $199. We require three work days once all materials have been provided. Typically though, you'll have your attractive ad done by the 2nd work day.

Accelerate your recruitment thanks to advanced promotion

Do you want to strengthen your employer brand and make your company or product more visible? Use our option of company promotion and have direct influence over how candidates and customers perceive you.

PRemium article

Thanks PRemium article you have the opportunity to show more of your company and thus better engage your target group, whether your goal is to find new colleagues or clients. We prepare PRemium articles in cooperation with experienced journalists to make their content relevant to our readers.

Type of article
PRemium article
PR article
Premium position on SJ News
Banners on StartupJobs.cz and SJ News
Performance marketing
Social network entries

StartupJobs Ads

Our SJ Ads banners will get you seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors. You can use them to promote ads and employer branding, as well as to gain new business contacts.

What can you choose from?


$4,999 / month
Do you want all the ad space? No competition nor limited frequency. Ideal option if you need to do the maximum to make your brand visible.


$2,499 / month
Do you truly want to be seen? Thanks to Extra your ad will be displayed preferentially and with the right frequency on all of our StartupJobs spaces.


$1,299 / month
Ideal choice in combination with additional promotion. Your banner will be displayed on all StartUpJobs spaces with reduced frequency together with other banner ads.


Offer your services to an ever-growing community of innovative companies on StartupMarket, our own digital marketplace. Thanks to StartupMarket you'll get a fully personalized web profile - landing page, where you can work with your presentation as you please. Address the right customers and upgrade your business!

Promotion of your services
B2B newsletter
Performance campaign
Budget from $200
Introduction on social networks
Banner campaign
According to Ads pricelist
PRemium article
Promo video
Individual offer

All listed prices are without VAT (21 %).

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